Jeff, my wife Dona and I want to express our appreciation for the care you have provided our mother Theodora for the past 5 years. While her strength of body and mind diminished with the passage of time her spirit and sense of joy was bright and strong to the end. I give the Parkwood team a lot of the credit for that retention of spirit and optimism. The team's effort to keep her engaged and a vital part of the Parkwood family gave her a great feeling of belonging.

Again, thank you for your kindness and skill to the entire team.

Darrell, Dona and Jeff Fry


Whiel the past few years have been difficult, it has been a real blessing knowing Mom was well taken care of. Everyone was so much more than professional, kind and patient as well. I wish to especially thank Nancy, who always seemed to be able to calm Mom when she was upset.

In gratitude,

Brian, Nancy and Mike


Dear Mike,
For almost two years, my mother, Helen has lived at The Woodlands. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the care and attention your poeple have given her, right up to and including the moment of her death.

When Mother first came to The Woodlandsshe was able to help herself, and to assist the staff in her care. But as time went on and her health continued to fail, the staffseemed to go out of their way to assist, and to make sure that her needs were met. Moreover, there was always a kind word, a touch, a visit by someone not directly assigned, or even a visit ona off day.

At the time of her death the nurses were immediately at her side and with me. But then they allowed me a few minutes while they contacted my sister and the mortuary. THe staff then escorted her out, gathered in the lobby and said a prayer. Their emotions were clear and genuine.

Later, several members of the staff came to pay their respects and visit with our family at the Kutis Funeral Home. All of the family and friends have saidthey had never witnessed such a demonstration of love and care by the staff of a nursing home.

On behalf of the entire family we thank you and your staff.

Paul (son) and Rosalea (daughter)


Dear Friends

Because of your fast work in getting my daughter the help she needed last Saturday, I still have my daughter. Words cannot express what that means to me. You gave me a miracle. Thank you for that.




Dear Terri,

Thank you for helping to make our admittance into Parkwood a pleasant one. As you know, this is difficult time for us all. I'm thankful for people like you!


Karen, thanks for taken care of finding me a new home to live in and taking care of getting medicaid for me and melping me get on the right drug plan that didn't cost me so much, guess breaking my was foot was a good thing!!!!!!I meet you and you helped me out with things I was trying to do on my own, and with me being deaf its very hard.

Dominic told me that I'm accepted to leave at 11:30 for Mary Ryder Home. It was a wonderful expierience for me to go thru rehab n living there with a good foor n rest! N good support from the friendly staff! Good therapist n nurse's and the aides that did a great job with me and also I saw how good they took care of everyone that is over here. They have a hard job and their not told that enought.

Thank you again Karen for everything you and Terry have done for me! God shall bless your work!
Best regards,