RSP’s Response to Covid-19.

RSP Senior Living has been building trusting relationships for over 30 years. It is in that spirit that we have created a dashboard so that families may access up-to-date information on each of our facilities' coronavirus testing and results. Facilities that have had a Covid-19 diagnosis in their building have immediately tested the entire staff and all residents.

Our residents and staff are like family to us, and we are confident in following all CDC guidelines in our facilities to keep everyone safe.

For any additional information on each building's Covid-19 policies, please go to their individual page on this website.

CDC Guidelines for Covid-19 in LTC facilities.
Covid-19 Stats.
Mitigating Actions Implemented to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Transmission of Covid-19.

Residents, Staff, Families: Covid Vaccine Clinic at Woodlands on Tuesday, August 30th.
Both Moderna and one shot Janssen available.
Sign-up sheet and consent forms available with receptionist.
Last day to sign up is August 23rd.
First, second shots, along with boosters, will be available.

COVID-19 Stats

RSP Senior Living Communities

COVID-19 Dashboard Data

Last Updated: Tuesday July 23rd 2024

Employee Information

Weekly Totals

Resident Information

Weekly Totals

Mitigating Actions Implemented to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Transmission of Covid-19

  • No communal dining.
  • No group activities.
  • No visitors. Some RSP buildings are allowing one visitor for essential care or end of life situation. In these cases, the visitor is screened for symptoms and temperature is taken. Appropriate PPE is required.
  • All public activities cancelled.
  • All staff wearing masks while at work. Temperature of staff member taken upon staff arrival, handwashing at arrival and leaving of building.
  • Increased supply of PPE.
  • All new admissions and readmissions must pass screening before admittance and are quarantined to designated area with private room for 14 days. When testing is available, some of our buildings are requesting a negative Covid-19 test prior to admission.
  • Increase disinfecting, with emphasis on high traffic areas.
  • Education for staff and residents on Covid-19, handwashing and respiratory etiquette, and disinfecting.
  • Only necessary medical appointments. Both resident and transportation driver wear masks. Only one resident per vehicle. At Parkwood, all dialysis residents are on one wing.
  • All delivered supplies are dropped off outside of building and brought in by staff member.
  • All clothing immediately brought to laundry to be washed before going to a resident room (for new admissions.)
  • Mail and personal belongings sanitized before going to a resident room.
  • Reporting of all positive staff and residents to CDC portal on weekly basis. RSP website is updated with this same information on a weekly basis.